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The IPRO Support

Partner in digitization

The basic idea and guiding principle of our support is to tread the path of digitization together with our users. We are partners at your eye level in an interactive system of give and take. Because with every contact and every solution found, our customers learn to better exploit the potential of the IPRO software and we gain impetus and suggestions for improvements and enhancements.

The most important principle: We listen, listen and listen. To learn together and consistently develop the best solutions from this. The following applies: A good solution is an application that makes sense. Local IPRO consultants are available to assist our users on site, supporting them both in their daily work and in planning innovation steps. A professional support in Leonberg takes over the answering of the current inquiries. And the focus is on the friendly relationship on the joint path into the digital world.

Madlen Grabe

Head of Department IPRO Support

My name is Madlen Grabe, I am a trained optician and have been with IPRO GmbH since March 2011 – how time flies ­čśë I now head the IPRO Support department and would like to tell you in more detail what to expect in IPRO Support.

IPRO develops and supports IT solutions for opticians and hearing care professionals. My staff and I are the telephone contacts for all questions concerning the software applications we develop and the computer hardware we sell.

Our most important software product winIPRO is a complete solution for opticians and hearing aid acousticians. The winIPRO programs, we also speak of modules, are comprehensive software solutions with which our customers can manage their customer files as well as their merchandise management or parts of the financial accounting. winIPRO also includes tools for direct mailing and other customer loyalty tools – the list could be continued almost indefinitely.

I often hear from newcomers to the industry “I wouldn’t have thought that opticians and audiologists would need so many different functions in one software”. This is exactly one of the reasons why the work in IPRO Support has little to do with the classic call center. This is important to me personally, because I need the variety and I love to learn new things all the time.

The IT industry is very dynamic. Almost every day we are faced with new challenges in the support team. This is an exciting task that can be successfully mastered by those who enjoy IT and are also strong communicators. At IPRO Support you will not find a call center, but a wide variety of tasks with a lot of variety:

  • Customer support for our software and hardware products.
  • Work closely with IPRO development, project management and engineering team colleagues.
  • Independently analyze errors by re-enacting customer scenarios, tracking customer inquiries to competent resolution.
  • Assist IPRO customers in the use of our software application. We often help solve company-specific tasks with the help of IPRO products – clearly one of our strengths!
  • We coordinate, prioritize and monitor incoming requests. You quickly take on responsibility and contribute your perspective as you gain experience. Your competence and your opinion are important to us!

To this day, I see this varied and responsible area of responsibility as a personal challenge. If you feel the same way, then you’ve come to the right place!

Who are we looking for?

For us, professional and social competence count more than title and position. Communication and constant exchange of knowledge are the basis of our success. New colleagues benefit from the “short service routes”. Career changers are welcome to join us.

In IPRO support we are available for our customers from Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 18:30. We have a 40-hour week and work two shifts. The division is coordinated in the team. Your working hours are therefore always clearly regulated. An advantage that our support staff appreciate. If you are interested in a job with us, you should have these skills:

  • Consultation skills and negotiation skills
    Handling objections is one of our daily tasks in IPRO Support. As well as implementing solution processes in collaboration with colleagues and our customers.
  • Self and time management
    The volume of orders is usually very large. Therefore, self and time management skills are an important part of our IPRO support training.
  • Ability to cooperate
    Collaboration with the various team colleagues, the other specialist departments and the staff of our industry partners is an essential part of working in IPRO Support. This requires communication skills and one should not be shy, because in many cases the required knowledge has to be obtained.
  • Enthusiasm for IT topics
    Not everyone has to enjoy IT. But an IPRO support really needs it. Professional, or private experience with computer hardware and software are therefore a great advantage.
  • Interdisciplinary thinking
    In order to be able to successfully examine and evaluate non-technical issues, our support staff should have a healthy spirit of research.
  • Language skills
    Due to our international clientele, foreign language skills are very important to us. Knowledge should allow for good communication over the phone. Languages of interest to us would be:
    – French
    – English
    – Dutch

Even though none of our “trainees” brought all the competencies with them at the beginning, we are very sure that as a team we cover all of them. We achieve this primarily because we train each new colleague in the team individually. Our motto is therefore: “Masters don’t fall from the sky, they are made by us”. You will get to know the IPRO products and the internal processes during the familiarization phase, which is tailored to you. We will give you the first contact with our customers very soon. We will support you intensively from the beginning.

How to contact us

By phone at: +49 (71 52) 93 33-39

Or simply by mail