The system for your success

To put it in a nutshell: winIPROis adapted exactly to your requirements and grows with you. The secret behind it: a modular design. The IPRO consultant adjusts the compilation of the modules to your processes and requirements, advises you on alternatives and possibilities, and is always at your side to provide you with advice and support. Whether you start small and grow over time, whether you start with the professional solution, or switch to IPRO from another solution, with or without hearing aids, as a multiple enterprise or an independent practice – there are almost no limits to your options.

In addition we offer personalised configuration of your system with interfaces to all important manufacturers and suppliers. We also actively think about ergonomic solutions regarding user-friendliness and improving your sales with helpful modules and tools.

In summary: IPRO accompanies you on your way to success in a modular, scalable and compatible way.

The winIPRO customer journey

Our system is individually tailored to meet your needs. In doing so, your company is our role model. We offer smart software solutions for every point of contact with your customers in your business. This customer journey goes through the following stages:

  • Organisation and data management
  • Case history, evaluation and consultation
  • Order status. Laboratory and inventory management
  • Administration and accounting
  • Order tracking, advertising, statistics

When these steps are harmoniously intertwined in your company, the customer journey becomes a cycle of success. winIPRO accompanies you with full support in this process.


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Whether sindependent practice or multiple enterprise. Any type of company can be managed with winIPRO. With winIPRO branch networking you have the possibility to centrally control all branches in your company.


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Hardly any other software has integrated as many industry programs, suppliers and devices as winIPRO. Our interfaces are directly integrated into our software and allow you to work the way you want.


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for opticians

You can’t talk about IT in German optics without mentioning the name IPRO. We have been making software for opticians, creating standards and ensuring innovation in the industry since the 1980s. We accompany you on your way to success and are your reliable partner at eye level in terms of IT.


for audiologists

More and more opticians, from independent practices to multiple enterprises, are expanding into audiology, and this area is growing accordingly at IPRO. Back in the 90s, hearing care was completely integrated into winIPRO. Both the user interface and the operation are the same as in winIPRO optics. All industry-specific requirements are met and many synergy effects are also offered.

Close to the industry

Architect of standards

IPRO developement supported open standards as early as the mid-1980s. Almost all standards used in optics were created by or with IPRO, and in hearing care IPRO was also one of the first companies to actively support the NOAH industry platform.

But the IPRO team is not only involved in standardisation. In cooperation with Aalen University – but also with the training centers in Berlin, Jena and Cologne – IPRO is in a lively exchange and structured collaboration. Bachelor’s and Master’s theses are repeatedly supported. In addition, all educational institutions receive free software versions for teaching.

IPRO representatives regularly speak at scientific congresses (WVAO, VDCO, IVBS) and in the committees of professional associations – not only in Germany. With the development of ERFA Light, IPRO, in cooperation with the Gesellschaft für Konsumforschung (society for consumer research) GfK and the Zentralverband für Augenoptiker (central association for opticians) ZVA, has created an evaluation and survey system that is used in many countries and has become the industry standard.

IPRO is a member of OSVA (Optical Software Vendors Association) and occupies the role of technical director in the circle of European software providers for opticians.

All of this is not an end in itself for the IPRO employees involved, but a clear expression of the company’s philosophy: “We take our customers by the hand and walk the path to the digital future together.”