New interfaces for your winIPRO

We are connected. By tradition and conviction

This sentence is not just an empty phrase for us. Hardly any other software offers as many interfaces to manufacturers, service providers and professional equipment as IPRO. Our interfaces are always fully integrated into our system. Double entries and typing errors are a thing of the past. Because with us, you only have to enter data into your system once. After that, they are reliably transferred to all other input masks or devices. This is how we ensure a simple and flexible work process. In recent months, we have of course added several new interfaces to our range. Here we would like to introduce some of them to you:

winIPRO Interface Rodenstock CNXT

With CNXT, Rodenstock has developed a service that fully connects the complete Rodenstock product range from software to devices. The bidirectional interface between winIPRO and CNXT means nothing less than that the Rodenstock and winIPRO worlds are completely connected. To achieve this, IPRO and Rodenstock started an exchange at an early stage and developed and extensively tested the data format and processes in many joint meetings.

You can transfer your customer’s data from winIPRO to CNXT and these are then available to you on all Rodenstock devices. After you have carried out the measurement e.g. on the Impressionist 3 and DNEye® scanner, the centring values and DNEye® data can be retrieved in winIPRO. If you are interested in this interface click here to contact your IPRO consultant.

winIPRO Interface Essilor Visioffice X and Visioffice 3

Visioffice X and Visioffice 3 are the new centring systems from Essilor. They combine high-precision measurements with a redefined shopping experience. As usual, our interface offers bidirectional data exchange and the avoidance of double entries. The customer data can be transferred directly from the spectacle order to the Visioffice, the customer is thus created and you can get started with the measurement. The centring values and the frame shape are then transferred back to the spectacle order. If you are interested in this interface, click here to contact your IPRO consultant.

*When switching from Visioffice 1 or 2 to Visioffice 3 or X, no new interface is necessary.

winIPRO Interface Topcon Harmony

Topcon Harmony is a platform on which all Harmony users can connect their diagnostic devices. Via the interface, the customer is transferred from the winIPRO customer file to Harmony and the Harmony platform is opened directly. This gives you a good and quick entry into the Harmony world. If you are interested in this interface click here to contact your IPRO consultant.

winIPRO Interface Nidek RT-6100 and Nidek TS-610

With this bidirectional interface, the new phoropters from Nidek can be controlled.  Via the winIPRO refraction protocol, you can transfer up to two types of measurements (for example, the values of the doctor’s prescription, the autorefractometer or the last pair of glasses) to the phoropter at the touch of a button. The transmitted data are set on the Phoropter head and you can start the refraction directly. At the end, your subjective refraction is transmitted back to the winIPRO refraction protocol and can be transferred from here to the spectacle order.  If you are interested in this interface click here to contact your IPRO consultant.

You can find an overview of all interfaces here