A journey

around your

The IPRO Customer Journey

A smart solution for every task

At IPRO, it is best practice to analyse the complete journey of your customers in your organisation. From the greeting to the aftercare, we want to understand how IT solutions can support you and your employees in a meaningful way. In doing so, we subdivide the customer journey into organisational units to match the company and then put together the appropriate winIPRO solutions for each area.

Organisation and data management

In order that your customer relationship has a perfect basis

A perfect organization is the be-all and end-all of a successful company. It ensures that the communication between your customers, your employees, your workshop and your suppliers is streamlined. And it starts at the very beginning – before a customer has entered your store. From the very first customer contact, winIPRO goes into action for you – with an online calendar that shows the customer all available appointments and is directly linked to the customer file.


If there is no profile for a customer yet, the system will create one automatically. All the information you collect in the course of the customer relationship, such as telephone numbers, bank data or health insurance information, is stored in an orderly fashion. This also includes data packages that are added in the course of a customer relationship, such as the case history and the complete customer communication.


All data can be retrieved from the system at any time and used by modules such as interfaces to lens suppliers, EPOS or statistics. In this way you always see the full picture about your customers and your orders.

Case history, evaluation, consultation

In order that you can unerringly find the best solution

Testing, customisation and consulting are your core services. It’s good if you can support your expertise with excellent consulting tools. winIPRO offers you ready-made case history forms and consulting protocols that help you ask the right questions. At the end of the consultation, all data is then stored in the customer file.

Have you developed your own approach that has proven particularly effective? Then winIPRO is completely customizable to your strategy. We support you completely with interfaces to measuring instruments and lens consulting programs integrated in winIPRO. Of course, we also offer full NOAH integration. Measure the center or edge thicknesses with the form tracer directly via the interface to the manufacturer. Keep track of all measurements, audiometry data and fittings for hearing aids or contact lenses via winIPRO.

We also provide full sales support by giving you access to all lens price and manufacturers’ catalogues. All products can be easily included in the order via scanning a barcode. The relevant data for determining a quotation or an invoice are calculated automatically. After that, the values are entered directly into the appropriate forms. All you have to do is check that everything is correct.

Whether optics or audiology. The smart solutions from winIPRO allow you to focus on your customer and on consulting.

Ordering, laboratory and stock control

In order that you do not lose sight of any detail

Each job is as unique as the customer and in our industry, technical finesse is as important as an appealing aesthetic. Whether it’s hearing aids, lenses, frames or contact lenses, you need to manage a variety of materials, products and equipment for all of them. Even more so if you run a workshop or laboratory. Good that winIPRO exists and supports you here.

Our order status control shows you the status of a project at any time. You can see which elements are already ordered or delivered. In addition, the status of an order in your workshop, office or laboratory can be fully tracked at any time.

Whether you manufacture your lenses yourself, send them to your supplier for final glazing, or simply order everything as a whole. Via winIPRO you have all workshop equipment, such as edging machines and blockers, and also your suppliers completely connected and integrated in the EDI. All customer data is stored centrally in winIPRO and can be easily accessed and used from any workshop device at any point in the manufacturing process. Of course, you can view the order or manufacturing status directly via winIPRO at any time. For hearing aids and contact lenses, all fitting procedures are also fully documented.

When selecting a hearing aid winIPRO makes your life easy. Thus, you can view and download all catalogs of hearing aid manufacturers via the data service of our system. Thanks to a sophisticated inventory management system, our audiologists always keep track of all their equipment including lending devices etc..

To make things perfect for your practice, winIPRO also includes smart tools for merchandise evaluation, statistics and inventory. This includes electronic delivery bills, repeat orders, sales reports, or smart logistics. This way you always have your orders fully under control via winIPRO!

Administration and accounting

In order that all the numbers add up in the end

Consulting and sales are finalised? Then our EPOS system will fully support you in the checkout process. It has access to all customer data, orders and to your merchandise. For our EPOS system, we offer interfaces to bank card machines and similar devices. It doesn’t matter whether your customer pays in cash, via a connected card terminal, on account or in any other way – all payment methods can be mapped via the EPOS system and assigned to an account accordingly.

At the same time, our EPOS system is always compliant with the law and meets all requirements of the GDPR. Via the daily cash-up it is possible to make all bookings available to your tax advisor via Datev export. The EPOS ensures that everything is accounted for correctly and prepares all the data so that you can pass it directly to your tax advisor.

With IPRO’s free service for health insurance data, you are always up to date. Contracts, prices, documents – everything is always up to date and enables both fully automatic direct billing with the cost units according to §302, as well as the submission of cost estimates.

Order status control, advertising and statistics

In order that you are noticed in the market

Effective customer care is the name of the game in your highly competitive environment. Use the unique functions winIPRO offers for customer relationship management and data analysis to get into the fast lane. In a user-friendly way our system gives you the possibility to evaluate all data from winIPRO at will, to integrate it into meaningful statistics and to visualise it clearly.

As a highly interesting bonus we offer you access to the latest market analyses from the Consumer Regulatory Body. In order that you can make your marketing decisions on the basis of hard facts and control customer communication with pinpoint accuracy.

With winIPRO you will never forget an important appointment again. You can use our follow-up module to set up an order for each patient contact. On the deadline, the patient appears in a list and you can contact them directly. Via winIPRO you can create customer selections and centrally coordinate advertising measures, such as mail merging, to this target group. This canvassing can be evaluated extensively and also offers the possibility of a success control. This way, you ensure that your patients feel good in your care and come back.